Kate Moss | Land Rover Range Rover Sport | Approximately $130,000

A rather unique model who rose to fame back in the ‘90s, Kate Moss has collaborated with many brands, but it was her work with Calvin Klein that propelled her to success. She is known for her role in size zero fashion and has been a significant influence on the industry. So, in 2013, she was awarded during the 2013 British Fashion Awards for all her contributions. Establishing herself as a pillar, Moss also created her clothing line and started working on musical projects.

How does a model like her travel? Of course, it’s with style. Moss has been seen cruising downtown Los Angeles in a Land Range Rover Sport, which we estimate to be worth at least $130,000. Definitely, hers is going to be more expensive. With car insurance and monthly expenses factored in, it could add up. With the model’s income, though, it would not really matter that much.