Celebs and Their Top Of The Line and Impressive Vehicles


Being in the limelight has its privileges, but there are also some downsides to it. We know that our beloved celebrities are compensated more than the average Joe for their efforts in acting and providing us with needed entertainment. At the cost of these are sleepless days and even stressful days as they are trying to make last-minute changes to the concept or the plotline. As a result, many of our beloved stars find themselves sleeping in their cars or even camping out.

This is why having the right car for them is very critical. It is not just the drivability nor the price that matters, but also the cargo space and practicality of use. Sure, you will find a coupe or two on the list below, but you will notice that many of those included are really those made for the rugged lifestyle they live. Our celebrities have doled out a serious amount of investment money to make sure they pimp their rides and are loyal to them. You will be surprised that one Star Wars cast has had one main vehicle since the ‘80s!

Drew Barrymore | Porsche Carrera GT | Approximately $450,000

Receiving praise for many of her movies, Drew Barrymore is certainly one child actress who made it big and sustained her career in Hollywood. Personal struggles marked her teen years, but the actress was able to rise above it all and became the star of Batman Forever, Ever After, and Blended. She even managed to establish her own Flower Films production company.

The actress is no stranger to driving exquisite vehicles as she was part of the movie Riding in Cars with Boys. Also, in the movie 50 First Dates, she was seen driving a Volkswagen. In real life, however, Barrymore is drawn to getting behind the wheels of muscle cars. At one time, she was seen getting off a Range Rover when she went to a gym in Los Angeles. On many occasions, she also likes flooring it on her Porsche Carrera GT.