Celeb Couples And Their Marriages

Samuel L. Jackson & LaTanya Richardson—41 years

Samuel Jackson’s marriage with LaTanya Richardson is quite interesting based on how they first met in 1970. Jackson was pursuing a drama degree at Morehouse College.During that time, he, along with others, took hostage some members of the board of trustees in the aftermath of Martin Luther King’s passing with intent to reform. From there, he met Richardson, who was a student of Spelman College. They dated for a while until they tied the knot in 1980.

Unlike their quite militant college years, their marriage is contrastingly peaceful. Their fashion ensemble was all-white, with the only exception of Jackson’s red boutonniere. Even their wedding cake is all-white, based on a photo of the two of them cutting it during their reception.The couple has firmly remained together and is living happily. They have been blessed with their only child, a daughter named Zoe.