Land of the Rising Sun: Things About Japan That You Need to Know

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is no surprise that over 31.9 million foreign visitors have come and gone to the Land of The Rising Sun as of 2019. After all, the country has a unique culture, it is a fascinating combination of old and new.

Despite the fact that Japan has grown continuously in terms of their lifestyle and sense of fashion, they are still deeply rooted when it comes to their customs. They have a strong cultural identity, even if it is a combination of their traditional and their ultramodern way of living.

If you have never been to Japan, you must know that this is one destination you will never forget. So, you might want to start saving up and do some financial planning to make your trip worthwhile in this wonderful country.

There are some things you might want to learn about their abundant culture, from their everyday etiquette to their art and education and down to their mouth-watering food. Here are some fascinating facts about Japanese culture.

Manners are extremely important to Japanese people. In fact, bowing, also known as “ojigi,” is the traditional way of greeting. Even to this day, it is still practiced. It is to express your apology and gratitude; it is even used to congratulate someone. However, in casual and daily interactions, a bow is just a simple nod of the head. A deeper and longer bow, on the other hand, signifies a sincere thanks or a formal apology. If you are just visiting, you do not have to worry about it since a handshake is completely acceptable from foreigners. These degrees of manners are only expected from the locals.

Moving forward, it is customary in a typical Japanese home to have a different set of slippers to wear inside the house. However, did you know that it is also part of their culture to have a different set of slippers for the bathroom? You are required to switch your living room slippers to your bathroom slippers and vice versa, depending on where you are in the house. Slippers are worth the investment in this country. They exhibit cleanliness this way, and this has been an inherent part of the Japanese culture. Some cultures in Asia have adopted this habit, and they ought to give credit to Japan for it.

Since Japan is one of the most well-mannered countries in the world, you would not be surprised to learn that there are actually some good table manners incorporated into their eating habits. After all, the Japanese people are polite diners.

Chopsticks are their primary dining utensils, and using these correctly is a fundamental part of Japanese dining. Cutting and stabbing your food with them is extremely frowned upon by the locals. It is also unacceptable to point at someone or something with your chopsticks. Moreover, it is also rude to leave your utensils sticking upright in your bowl of rice because it is associated with funeral customs. Just put your chopsticks down properly when you are done eating.

In addition to that, if you are enjoying your meal and you want to give your compliments to the chef, you can do so by slurping your noodles. This way, you just gave your credits to the chef for a job well done.

Now, we are all familiar with sushi, right? After all, not only is this the most popular dish in Japan, it is now loved by millions of people from all around the globe. With that being said, authentic Japanese sushi is a must-try for anyone visiting the country. However, did you know that, traditionally, sushi such as nigiri and maki are eaten with your fingers? You would also be surprised to know that you are not supposed to mix soy sauce and wasabi all the time; it is only acceptable when you are eating sashimi.

You might want to take out those credit cards you’ve been hiding because when you get to Japan, you are definitely going on a food trip.