8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Canada

Whether you have plans on visiting or putting your investments in a certain place, learning and experiencing the culture in that area almost always offers some form of excitement. Often, a country would surprise you with its customs, traditions, and norms. However, even if you do not have any planned trips to any country anytime soon, sometimes it is just fun to learn about their culture.

One country with an interesting culture would be Canada! Whether you are visiting soon or you have a few minutes to spare, lend me some of your time, and let’s explore the Canadian culture.

1.  Maple Syrup Galore

Let’s get down to business! If you have heard anything about Canadian culture, it is probably this. They love maple syrup, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Canada is littered with maple trees. Furthermore, their maple syrup does not just help make their pancakes and waffles taste better, to some degree, it also helps their economy. I mean, they are the largest exporter of maple syrup after all, with more than half of the world’s maple syrup probably comes from them. They practically have enough maple syrup to fill an entire ocean!

2. Nature is Their Friend

Maybe the abundance of maple trees in Canada can be attributed to their love and care for nature. Canadians pride themselves on their national parks. The investments and efforts they have put into their nature conservancy are evident. Their national park does not only boast in beauty but in size as well! Would you believe that some of their conservancy lands are bigger than some other countries? Wood Buffalo National Park is even bigger than Switzerland!

With all the innovation and modernization happening today, Canada has kept mother nature in mind and has kept a good portion of their lands covered with greens. Way to go, Canada!

3. Progress

Despite keeping in touch with nature, Canada is not left behind by other countries, and progress has taken place. Maybe more important than all the technological advancement, Canada has put investments in eradicating judgment. While other countries largely struggle with discrimination in various aspects, Canada has been moving forward, trying to rid its land off of prejudice in every aspect.

4. Safe and Sound

In addition to promoting peace by trying to be inclusive of everyone, they also have a very low crime rate. Visiting or staying, for you to maximize your stay, Canada has prioritized safety, so getting robbed will be the least of your concerns.

5. Peace is Their Middle Name

To some degree, you can say that Canadians are just peace lovers. Maybe one reason for their low crime rate is their passiveness in all things that concern wars. They’re not focused on guns nor the military. While neighboring countries spend a significant amount of money on their military resources, Canada has chosen to stay clear of it as much as possible.

6. Canadians are Polite

What else could you ask for? If anyone knows anything about manners, then you could credit the Canadians for anyone that knows everything about manners. They promote inclusivity, they are against violence, and they are also very polite.

If you say sorry a lot, someone might have already asked you if you are Canadian. The reason for this is because they are apologetic people and often say sorry. It might seem strange for some, but really, we think a lot would agree that that’s how it is supposed to be!

7. Hockey Lovers

Canadian’s apologetic and friendly nature is the perfect match for their favorite sport. Hockey! It is widely known that hockey is one of the most brutal sports of all time, and who else better to play it than peace-loving and friendly people?

8. Inclusivity

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, with their immigration being very open to outsiders. If you are visiting the place to learn more about their culture, then chances are you will also meet a Canadian interested in your culture!

There are truly many wonderful countries in the world, but Canada is undoubtedly a place you will want to put your investments in. You will not only get to see wonderful places and sceneries, but you will most probably receive a warm welcome! It is like finding a home far away from home.

Whether you are planning a short vacation or going on a little bit of soul searching, then Canada should be on top of your list. Put your investments in this wonderful country that is more than happy to have you come over.

Explore their national parks, and make sure you try their maple syrup on your pancake or waffles! Maybe even learn and play some hockey while you are there? Whatever you plan to do on your visit to this country, we believe you will have the time of your life on Canadian soil. Have loads of fun!

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